Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change Graduate Program! (A2C2 – IGERT)

I’m excited to be a part of a new PhD research scholarship at UMaine; the Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change Graduate Program! (A2C2 – IGERT).   I will be looking for students interested in social and cultural adaptation as part of this IGERT graduate program starting next year!  See below for more details:

University of Maine has launched a new National Science Foundation sponsored Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) on Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change.  The (A2C2) IGERT is a doctoral training program for students in earth sciences, ecology, anthropology, archaeology, international affairs, and economics.  I highlight those three fields because those are programs under which I can accept students.  A2C2 is designed to train the next generation of natural and social scientists to meet the critical societal challenge of human adaptation to abrupt climate change (ACC).

Specifically, A2C2 IGERT trainees will

  • become experts and leaders on the issue of ACC in their disciplinary field
  • understand the dynamics of coupled natural and human systems in response to ACC
  • conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research across natural and social sciences
  • develop innovative policy and management solutions from their research to foster resilience and adaptation under ACC
  • develop an international perspective on adaptation to abrupt climate change, with opportunities for international experiences

About Tim Waring

I study the role of cooperation and culture in environmental sustainability, at the University of Maine.
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