Current Students

Hossein Sabzian Papi, PhD student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Hossein will is part of a newly funded $4 million collaborative research project with the University of Vermont on how both rural human communities and species populations will respond to challenges posed by climate change. Hossein’s research will focus on developing mathematical and computational models of cultural adaptation, and using them to analyze large datasets of climate change adaptation to rural farmers across the United States. Hossein’s research will be used to help US farmers understand how to modify their practices in the face of ongoing climate change impacts.



Antonio Jurlina, Economics Masters student.







Prospective Graduate Students

I am always looking for creative, hardworking students interested in quantitative approaches to studying the dynamics of human culture and cooperation in environmental contexts. I accept graduate students through a number of programs: Ecology and Environmental Science (Masters or PhD),  Anthropology and Environmental Policy (PhD),  and Economics (Masters).

Support for graduate students comes from research projects and grants, or from scholarships, fellowships, or assistantships awarded based on merit. For example, each year the School of Economics awards research assistantships (RAs) to top applicants.  Current opportunities include: