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I study the role of cooperation and culture in environmental sustainability, at the University of Maine.

Waring gives talk at Major Transitions in Evolution workshop at Bristol University

Dr. Waring presented a dual-inheritance account of the human evolutionary transition inheritance and individuality at the Bristol University Workshop on Major Transitions in Biology and Culture on March 28. The workshop brought together archeologists, anthropologists, evolutionary biologists, and philosophers to … Continue reading

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Waring leads KLI working group “Evolutionary Theories for Social-Ecological Change”

Our working group aims to connect the domains of evolutionary theory and social-ecological systems change to improve our collective ability to understand and influence the complex processes of change in social-ecological systems for the better. Our working group has been … Continue reading

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Waring and Schlüter to lead final meeting of KLI Working Group in Austria

2023-04-17 – 2023-04-21 In April, Dr. Tim Waring will lead the final meeting of a working group at the KLI (Konrad Lorenz Institute), an Independent Center of Advanced Studies in the Life and Sustainability Sciences in Klosterneuburg, Austria. The working … Continue reading

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Waring and Schlüter lead working group on evolutionary theories for social-ecological change at the KLI

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PhD Position in Cultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Open Position! I am currently seeking a PhD student to be part of a newly funded $4 million collaborative research project with the University of Vermont on how both rural human communities and species populations will respond to challenges posed … Continue reading

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