Hiring Experimenter for UMaine Experimental economics research

The Experimental Economics Laboratory at UMaine is hiring undergraduate experimenters to help launch the experimental economics program, test ans set up the software and hardware, and work with Dr. Waring and graduate students to conduct the first experiments in the spring of 2013.  This is a one-semester paid research position.  For more information, and an online application, click here: http://bit.ly/U2zlmG, or read below:


During this semester we will be testing, debugging, and launching a behavioral experiment on the social determinants of environmental sustainability. The student researcher will help will all parts of that process, becoming certified for research on human subjects, organizing experimental sessions, and conducting them her/him-self. The student will work with graduate students and Dr. Waring to coordinate a schedule for the experiments and will help to maintain the relevant paperwork, records and files. The research promises to be a new and exciting experience for anyone interested in cutting edge social, economic or environmental research.

Skills and Expectations:

Student should be hardworking, in good academic standing and have an interest in conducting computer-based social experiments. The student should be good at working with others, and have strong social and personal skills, be punctual and able to keep a complex schedule without being late or causing a delay in the research. Computer technical skills are also required. Web design, web programming, and WordPress experience are all useful.

Major Responsibilities:

(1) Test and Configure Experimental Hardware & Software – student will work with graduate students and team to install, configure, test, debug, and alter experimental conditions. Post interactive models online. Edit the experimental economics lab website.

(2) Manage Participants – student will work with graduate student leader and team to recruit, train, contact, and manage research participants. Learn, configure and use the participant management software.

(3) Conduct Experiments – student will work with team to schedule, setup, manage, and take down the hardware/software components of the experimental lab.

Apply here: Online Application

About Tim Waring

I study the role of cooperation and culture in environmental sustainability, at the University of Maine.
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