NetLogo Wishlist

I use NetLogo in my agent based modeling research and teaching.  NetLogo has a great user community and remains the best documented all-in-one agent-oriented development environment.  It’s great for teaching, especially.  However, it’s far from perfect, and someday, if it isn’t majorly improved, it will be replaced by systems like GAMA.  Until then, here is my wishlist.

Wouldn’t it be great if NetLogo…

    1. Had a proper IDE – a modern programming interface – such as that found any IDE (integrated development environment).  This would include features like an integrated debugger, the ability to add code flags and stops, and similar features. Think “R Studio,” or Eclipse.
    2. Had a real-time model profiling system.  This would include the ability to observe any variable at any level via a quick and simple UI/keyed interface.  Think “graph builder”
    3. Could easily Open, Run, Edit multiple models at once.
    4. Had On-Click or On-Hover inspection options for agents (via contextual menu with modifier key)
    5. Could flexibly specify batch runs that do not rely on a fully-orthogonal parameter space.  Integrate features of BehaviorSearch
    6. Had a cleaner interface – less beveled edges, less garish color, simple, flat UI elements, sliders, more professional plots, etc.
    7. Had more controllable plotting with more options, less odd behavior.

Supported multiprocessor decomposition:

    Run headless with no need of visual frame buffer, automatic functional or spatial decomposition for multicore use for a single simulation.  Decompostion could be spatial, agent-based, functional, etc.  Optimizations for running on a cluster.

Add your thoughts in the comments below…

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