Upcoming, Spring 2020

  • ECO 366Applied Economic Data Analysis [materials coming, fall 2020]
  • ECO 381 – SL: Sustainability: Science, Policy, and Action

Sustainability concerns not just environmental balance but also social, economic, cultural and ethical factors – that is, nearly everything. Sustainability science is the research field that attempts not only to study this unwieldy group of subjects, but also to motivate positive change toward more sustainable societies. This course explores the scientific foundation of the global environmental sustainability crisis, the economic, social and ethical ramifications of that crisis, and surveys the prospects and challenges in the quest to define, measure and achieve sustainable societies. We also step beyond the academic classroom to accomplish sustainability research and service in the larger community with a semester-long integrated service learning project. This course has been designated as a UMaine service-learning course. General Education Requirements: Population and the Environment and Ethics. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. Course Typically Offered: Spring. Credits: 3. MWF 1-1:50pm, Boardman 310

Past Courses

Future Courses

  • Quantitative Methods with R (undergraduate)
  • Social-Ecological Systems (graduate)